- Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi -

*(I show not your face but your heart's desire)*

Thursday, August 21, 2008


It's raining outside.

The best time to sleep. I'm not feeling well lately.

But I can't.

Must take data or come back to UM with nothing.

Oh man.

What else to write?

Seriously I'm blank.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mid Sem Break

Holiday in Langkawi bebeh!!
One week.
All expenses are provided.
Well, except food (of course la.. I'm pretty choosy ain't I?)

So, nak pesan apape?
Chocolate? Bags? Batik? Key chain?

Or even cigar.


Haha. Jgn nk mimpi la aku nk belikan tu sume.

Rite now I'm not in a holiday (eventhough it's a mid sem break). Kene wat final year research kat sini. Waaaa...
I wanna break. Penat dow. Bukak sem ni trus ade byk program. And also test, tutorials etc. Gosh. Bile la nk grad nih~

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A friend IMed me this message.
Kawan tu bkn mcm main FUTSAL. Mula-mula kejar, dah dapat sepak.
Kawan tu bkn mcm main SKATE. Mula-mula gosok, lepas tu pijak.
Kawan tu bkn mcm main RAGBI. Mula-mula tangkap, dah dapat tendang.
Kawan tu bknnya mcm PAMPERS. Dah pakai, buang.
Kawan tu bknnya mcm BARANG KEMAS. Waktu baru beli pakai. Dah sengkek gadai.
Kawan tu bkn mcm PELANGI. Hari cerah takde, hujan gerimis baru muncul.
Kawan tu bkn mcm KERETA. Rosak skit,jual, ambik kereta baru.
Kawan tu bkn mcm CHIPSMORE. Sekejap ade sekejap tak.
Kawan tu bkn mcm BANK. Bila dah takde duit, pegi kat sana ambik.
It makes me think... "Do I really have friends? Here?"

When I read this, I think I wanna erase the word 'bkn' or 'bukan'. And then post it to my 'friends'. And I think they'll agree with me.
Kawan tu mcm main FUTSAL. Mula-mula kejar, dah dapat sepak.
And so on. Rite?

I tried to be a good friend. But I feel I'm not appreciated. Maybe they think I'm not worth it to be their friend. Or maybe I just... well... useless...

So which one is the best question?:
"Are they my friends?" or "Am I one of their friends?"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Oh man...

Honestly I wish I had a house. So that I'm not going back the to college. And seriously I'm so boring.

Rite now at Starbucks Borders at The Gardens Mid Valley. Actually my plan is staying here until nite so that I don't need to be there.

Well, I dunno. I just don't like that place. I mean like I don't belong there. I don't have any friends anymore. I feel like I'm alone. Lonely.

And I wish I can go back to the past. Where I feel like appreciated. I miss my friends. My school friends.

I just hate being there. Dunno why. But my heart keep refusing to stay there. And the solution? Lepak kat Mid je la.. nasib baik ade Borders. Dlm Borders ni ade Starbucks lak... so damn good. Now I have place to 'lepak'.

Arrgghh~ I'm so boring...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What to write?


What to write ek?

Suddenly my head blank..

Padahal mlm smalam b4 tido byk je bende nk tulis..

But currently reading Stephenie Meyer's latest and final installment of the Twilight series. Yup, it's Breaking Dawn. So far read until chapter 3... Tebal gak buku ni. Byk gak bace comment from readers... especially from States since kat sane released on 2nd August.. Kat sini lewat 2 hari.. Mmg tak best tol... The comments are differs.. Ade ckp tak best langsung... Ade ckp best gile.. But for me.. until now not bad la.. just ade certain2 part tu jalan cite die lmbt.. But then it's ok..

Now will you excuse me. I've got to continue...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

PC Fair

PC Fair is back!

Program yang paling dinanti-nantikan oleh semua penduduk KL and Klang Valley. Especially university students. Here, you can get all electronic stuff. From laptop, personal computer, accessories, to online game promotion. All things about technology is in here with cheaper prices and negotiable. Selalunye org akan beli kat Plaza Low Yat or Digital Mall (for UM students la... since Digital Mall tu dekat je). There's a lot of things I want to buy actually. Upgrade my laptop, buying accessories, etc.

So, pegi la kat sana... smalam. From 3 to 9. It was so packed with people. Mmg ramai gile. And I hate many people. Dlm ati mmg menyesal.. apsal la tak g Low Yat je... Lgpon just nk upgrade RAM je. From 512MB to 2GB.

Actually, the day before yesterday (Friday), ade la bincang ngan kawan. Ask him which one is better. Since I know nothing bout it. Die ckp skang ni 2GB DDR2 murah. RM120 je. Lgpon 2GB tu in one slot. So, kalo beli RAM bleh tambah jd 2.5GB. WOAH!. Besar tu... Main apape game pon tak jd masalah. And then he asked me... "Ko punye RAM jenis ape?" Time tu mmg tak tau apape... I just say "DDR2 kot. Aku tak sure... Tp aku rase DDR2." Dlm ati mmg sure gile2. Sbb last sem, roommate die ade beli RAM... So, he thought his RAM is DDR2... Until the dealer said it's DDR only.

DDR type mahal lak... RM190 for 1GB... Maybe coz da jarang org guna DDR type kot. Dlm ati tu mmg berdoa and harap2 it's DDR2. Save sket budget. Bleh beli accessories pasni.

So, sampai KLCC (KL Convention Center) trus masuk Hall 4. Mmg pack gile time tu. Jalan punye jalan, sampai satu kedai ni. Tgk la harga DDR2 die.. RM115. Not bad. Ingatkan RM120. Murah la ni. Tp tetiba rase cam tak sedap ati. Fikir punye fikir baik g tempat lain. Kedai yg boleh check my RAM type. I brought along my laptop. Sbb tak tau nk bukak die camne... Hahaha. And kedai tu tak amik servis tuka RAM. Pastu jalan la g Hall 2.

Sampai satu kedai tu. Lucky die ade servis. I looked at the pamphlet. 2GB of DDR2 is only RM115. 1GB of DDR is RM183. Since I wasn't very sure my RAM is DDR2 type, I ask the dealer to check it. So I waited for about 10 minutes. And the dealer come to me and say, "You punya laptop bukan itu DDR2. You punya DDR saja. Ini DDR2 tarak boleh masuk."

I was like...
You can't be serious!?

I'm so disappointed.
Kecewa gile.

That's mean I have to buy that 1GB of RAM only. Arghh.. bengangnye... But Thank God. Had I bought the DDR2 at the previous shop, mesti menangis. Sbb takleh masuk DDR2 ngan DDR.

So... beli la 1GB tu. RM183. Wuwuuuu... Igtkan nk shopping baki duit kalo beli RM115 tu... Rupenye takleh.. But still, shopping gak pastu. Beli laser mouse, USB hub and USB lamp. One thing je tak beli. External hard disk. Average harga kat situ is RM180 for 160GB. Mahal sket la for me coz my roommate bought it for RM160 only. Tak jd la beli kat sana.

Overall, I spent about RM400 in one day. Byk? Jap... RM400 divide by 6, you get approx 68. 68 in Pound Sterling. £68 tak byk sgt kan Zaldeen? Hahaha. Ape la sgt £68 tu kat London kan.. Hahaha~

As you said... "kalo dok kat London nk beli brg jgn la convert jd M'sian Ringgit. Mmg takkan beli." Same la kat KL ni... kalo berkira sgt mmg takkan dpt apape... ni la problem dok kt KL... same je cam other major cities in the world. Fully develope country by 2020 rite?

But still bengang lg ni... Geram coz DDR je.. bkan DDR2... takpe... next session probably nk tukar laptop la... amik Dell or HP. Hahaha.. Byk la duit ko Shamim~