- Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi -

*(I show not your face but your heart's desire)*

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bad Day

Dear Blog,

I feel very sad today. I think I'm gonna cry. I didn't do very well in one paper. It's Quantum Mechanics. Well, the questions didn't tough or hard as I thought, but I don't know why. I can't really answer them all. Too many empty spaces left behind.

I really feel down. Yeah. One reason because 'last minutes' revise. And I stayed all night. Makes me a tired.

But one thing I kinda regret is the fact that I can't answer them properly. Not that I don't understand the question, I understand but I lost. It's all mixed up in my mind. This topic, that topic. I forgot how to start, what will I do next and so on. The question aren't tough at all. It's almost the same in the tutorials that the lecturer gave, and I had them done. The question now -how can I forgot that!!!- It's a big-stupid-foolish mistake.

But I think this is a test for me from God. Yeah. I made lots of mistakes. Human... only remember God when they're in difficult times. But easily forget when given bless by Him.

My mistake. I accept it. O God. Please forgive me. I made mistakes to You, to my parents. Please give me chances to improve myself.

Now, I just have only two more paper. And I hope that I can do it very well. At least maybe it can cover my pointer for this semester.

*Shamim!! Jangan malas!! You have to study!! Or you'll get more warning letter from JPA!! Bangun!! Pegi study!! Just 2 more paper!! Fighting!!*