- Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi -

*(I show not your face but your heart's desire)*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I can start now…


After 2 semester of hardship, I finished my final year project report (hardship la sgt). It’s just that thing (report) really bugged me till the end. Well, because it’s 8 credit hours so I have to do it perfectly. In the end… 85 pages each one in 2 simple binding and 1 hardcover which costs me around RM50.

The dateline for submit is tomorrow but I’ve made my mind to send it today. The truth is I’m too lazy to drive all the way to KL just to submit it (padahal Isnin sampai Rabu punyelah rajin ulang alik g UM). And the sooner I submit, the sooner I forget. No more reports!

So now I can concentrate to the study. My 1st paper is on Monday and I haven’t study at all. Well, then again thanks to the report that took all my precious time… (salah sendiri… nk salahkan report lak).

I have only 3 papers this semester and I hope I can score all the papers. Please help me God~


Monday 27/4 – SMES2204 Mechanics, 1130, Aras 2 Exam Hall

Wednesday 29/4 – SMES3203 Solid State Physics, 0830, Aras 1 Exam Hall

Saturday 2/5 – SMES3201 Nuclear Physics, 1130, Aras 2 Exam Hall


Please pray for me too… *angelic face*

Friday, April 17, 2009

HP and The Half-Blood Prince latest trailer

“It’s over…”


This is the latest and final trailer of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince officially released by the Warner Bros.

Courtesy : Mugglenet.com
*For downloading or other stuff please visit Mugglenet.com.*


Well… what can I say. It’s AMAZING. Can’t wait this 16th July (official release is 17th though). Their Inferi looks like Smeagol from Lord of The Rings.

Wait… 17th? Man~ I have to attend my cousin’s wedding reception at Perak. Arrgghhh…. I’m so frustrated! The same thing happen when Twilight movie released. That time I had to go to Langkawi. But this time… Perak? Gosh~



p.s: Hafiz… book tiket 15hb… tgk midnite movie… jom jom!!! takpon awal pagi 16/7… semangat nih…

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Update

Actually I have no mood to update. It’s been nearly a month. Seems that this month is the busiest month throughout my 3 years here.

Tutorials, tests, Physics Research Colloquium, final year project report… and most importantly final exam. It’s 2 weeks form now.

There’s many things that I wanted to say. Malam Anugerah Bestari, FESENI, choir, pop band and acoustics. Not to mention the bomb threat at Dewan Tunku Canselor (turns out that someone played a very stupid April Fool’s prank). I wanna post about that but other things come first. Besides I’m too lazy (yeah I know).

I have few pictures I want to share. But then again, the pictures are not with me. Maybe tomorrow I’ll transfer it from Saipul. I’ll post it later.

From now on, I can’t update this blog regularly. You know, this semester break I’m taking summer class. *pergh.. word ‘summer class’ tu takbleh blah… nak lawan bdak oversea gak… muahaha*.